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The Beatles Phenomenon (Slipcase Edition) (noty, melodická linka, akordy) (+biografie)

The Beatles Phenomenon (Slipcase Edition) (noty, melodická linka, akordy) (+biografie)

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Noty, melodická linka, akordy.

DOSTUPNOSTObvykle odesíláme do 5-10 pracovních dnů
Katalogové čísloNO91674
AranžmáNoty, melodická linka, akordy
Kód aranžmáMLC
MédiumHudebnina & biografie
FormátUmělcův zpěvník
Hudební žánrPop, Rock
NakladatelNorthern Songs
AutorstvíBeatles, The (Artist), Miles, Barry (Author)

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The Beatles Phenomenon (Slipcase Edition) (noty, melodická linka, akordy) (+biografie)

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This limited edition slipcase edition of The Beatles Phenomenon is printed in colour throughout and contains 240 photographs, sheet music and history of the band. The world's most celebrated band has been the subject of countless books and articles over the years. But The Beatles Phenomenon is a unique new Beatles chronicle that brings their astonishing legend to vivid life using sheet music. rare photographs and a detailed chronology of their gigs, venues, public quotes and most memorable moments. Based on the exhaustive research of the legendary Miles, intimate member of the Beatles' Sixties circle, The Beatles Phenomenon weaves together the whole spectacular Beatles' story, the full sheet music of their most important songs in chronological order, and 240 rarely-seen colour and black-and-white photographs. The result is a truly amazing personal history of The Beatles, a collectible book that will become a treasured and evocative keepsake for those who grew up with their music, and an essential reference tool for anyone seriously interested in rock's most influential phenomenon. With insights from colleagues and band members themselves, The Beatles Phenomenon stands apart from all other Beatles books. Each of the 100 songs featured in this prestigious collection is printed with topline, guitar chord boxes and full lyrics. The result is a magnificent musical, visual and textual commentary on the life, times and music of the most phenomenal rock 'n' roll band the world has ever seen.

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