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Steely Dan: Reelin' In The Years (životopis v angličtině)

Steely Dan: Reelin' In The Years (životopis v angličtině)

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Životopis v angličtině.
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Katalogové čísloOP55979
AranžmáŽivotopis v angličtině
Kód aranžmáBOOK
FormátHudební biografie
Hudební žánrRock, Jazz
NakladatelOmnibus Press
Počet stran384
AutorstvíSweet, Brian (Author)

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Steely Dan: Reelin' In The Years (životopis v angličtině)

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Reelin' In The Years is an updated version of the widely-renowned biography of the jazz-rock band Steely Dan . This is the only book ever to have been published on the band, with author Brian Sweet taking the reader on a bizarre journey through their even more bizarre, yet fascinating, world. Reelin' In The Years  ,tells the story of the life and music of one of rock music's most mysterious, enigmatic and strange bands, and how these two men and their producer shattered the world of popular music around them, then rebuilt it with their own unique fusion of jazz and rock. This updated edition includes insights into Walter Becker and Donald Fagen's latest solo efforts, as well as more in-depth analysis throughout. This biography is not just any run-of-the-mill story, this goes into detail about the progression and development of one of the strangest bands in history. Astonishing critics with their first album, they went on to become one of the biggest-selling acts in the world within seven albums. After quitting, they reformed in 1993 to go on to become more popular than ever. Brian Sweet 's ability to piece together a tight narrative and parse fact from fiction is all the more impressive considering the band's reputation for rarely giving interviews, refusal to tour and not deigning to have their photographs taken. , Reelin' In The Years  ,takes the enigma shrouded in mystery and blows away the fog to unwrap the riddle that is Steely Dan . Their life and music is analysed and explored to present the true story of how they made their music and became one of the most popular bands on the last half-century. As the author of the only other book on the band in print, Brian Sweet 's authoritative storytelling is the only way to truly get to know the band who shunned all semblance of the spotlight - and became more famous because of it.

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