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The Clash: Photographs By Bob Gruen (životopis v angličtině)

The Clash: Photographs By Bob Gruen (životopis v angličtině)

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Životopis v angličtině.
DOSTUPNOSTObvykle odesíláme do 5-10 pracovních dnů
Katalogové čísloOP56232
AranžmáŽivotopis v angličtině
Kód aranžmáBOOK
FormátHudební biografie
Hudební žánrRock
NakladatelOmnibus Press
AutorstvíGruen, Bob (Author), Salewicz, Chris (Editor)

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The Clash: Photographs By Bob Gruen (životopis v angličtině)

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“The Clash were the real thing, the only band that mattered: they were the best one, a band who never forgot their roots. They cared about their audience and tried to give them a good show with a moral conscience and a lot of fun. For me they were fantastic to work with.” – Bob Gruen , New York, 2001. During the 1970s, Bob Gruen documented the rock music scene from his base in New York, capturing classic images of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Led Zeppelin and Ike &, Tina Turner, among many others. When he met The Clash, they rapidly formed a connection based on mutual respect, musical compatibility and a shared sense of humour. This relationship led to Gruen spending six years documenting their adventures in the UK and across the United States. The result ,is an iconic book of photographs of the most ideologically uncompromising yet universally admired groups of the 1970s. ,Featuring The Clash at work, rest and play, Gruen’s acclaimed photo study includes an introduction by New Musical Express writer and Joe Strummer biographer Chris Salewicz and commentary from the band throughout. Included in this special limited and numbered edition of The Clash is a unique print signed by Bob Gruen .

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